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Top 10 Things I saw or Heard at San Diego Comic-Con 2014


First thing I did at Comic-Con was play Smash Bros. on 3DS, beat three other guys as Greninja and won a t-shirt as a result. Great start to a convention!


Gave David Willis my business card (maybe he drunk dials?)


Optimus Prime cosplay on stilts.


The moderator of the “Writers Unite” panel: “The grass is greener on the other side because you’re standing there staring and not watering your fucking lawn.”


Met Sergio Aragones! He looks just like in his comics except his giant mustache is white now.


There’s always a lot of people proselytizing in front of Comic-con, so I didn’t turn around when I heard some kind of Biblical recitation behind me. Then I heard something like, “He will smash the forests…” “…there is no hope.” I turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see a group cosplaying as the cult of Cthulhu.


A little girl says to my girlfriend wearing her dinosaur skull mask: “I know that’s you, Matt Smith!”


At the “Ask an Agent!” panel: “I have two clients who write six plus books a year. Don’t stand in the way of romance writers. They’re going to dominate the world.”


An old man was speaking with a young woman at an L. Ron Hubbard booth. He says to her, “See that guy over there wearing the My Little Pony shirt? They’re called Bronies. They’re a kind of cult.” L. Ron Hubbard, by the way, is the creator of Scientology.


I accidentally walked into the wrong room where a Person of Interest panel was ongoing. A little girl at the mic asked Jim Caviezel, “Did you have more fun working on Person of Interest or Passion of the Christ?”

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HALP! Amazon being dicks


So Clint has an issue. I wrote a sincere review of his book The Awesome Pie Collection, giving it five stars since it kept me awake and happy on a gnarly long flight. But Amazon took it down. We were confused, but thankfully a backup of my review was saved and I posted the same review twice. Just assumed it was a bug. Amazon confirmed the review going up and everything.

They took it down again.

APPARENTLY Amazon has a habit of just removing a bunch of positive reviews if you’re an indie author. Ostensibly because you have a connection to the source. But then how else is a small timer supposed to get the word out if not by clueing their friends into their work?

Please help out. If you’ve read The Awesome Pie Collection, drop a review. 1 star, 3 stars, 5 stars, ANY review is welcome. Thank you very much.

This was our convo just now that includes some of the research I was doing on this:

[9:39:48 PM] Clint Pereira: Your review got taken down again. Let me look this up…

[9:40:19 PM] Fable: wut

[9:42:32 PM] Clint Pereira: Hmm. Nothing you’re saying is remotely in breach of contract. You may have to contact Amazon.

[9:42:51 PM] Clint Pereira: Well, not contract but guidelines.

[9:43:16 PM] Clint Pereira: And even if you were, wouldn’t they send you a message or something?

[9:44:07 PM] Clint Pereira:

[9:44:18 PM] Fable: yeah

[9:44:21 PM] Fable: it said my message went live even

[9:44:26 PM] Fable: so i’m not sure what’s going on

[9:45:26 PM] Fable: my review was def over 20 words

[9:46:07 PM] Clint Pereira: Still looking into it, but that’s definitely not the problem. I would contact Amazon and see what they say.

[9:48:27 PM] Clint Pereira: “I heard/read that this was caused by some kind of petition over sock puppet reviews. But then right now there are so many panic blogs and stories about the Amazon changes, it’s hard to tell which one is on the level. I’ve lost nine reviews in total, oddly, the only sock puppet review on my book survived the purge. So the Amazon algorithm seems only to be targeting good reviews, which seems a bit insane to me. Why would you want to put off buyers?”

[9:48:52 PM] Fable: the hell?

[9:49:45 PM] Clint Pereira: I don’t know. I think the only thing is to e-mail them. A lot of speculation going around.

[9:49:52 PM] Clint Pereira: Bleh.

[9:52:23 PM] Clint Pereira: “Amazon responded by culling hundreds of reviews en masse. You don’t have to look far to find an indie wailing that their reviews have been pulled. Amazon has adopted a zero-tolerance response to those who try and resubmit the reviews, and I know more than one author who has been threatened with having their book pulled if it happens again. Yes, it’s heavy-handed, and I’m sure that they made mistakes with some of the reviews, but it was the simplest and fastest way to deal with an issue that was becoming untenable. When customers are complaining that the review system isn’t reliable, what are they supposed to do?”

[9:52:42 PM] Fable: that’s shit!

[9:52:54 PM] Fable: how else are you supposed to get your book noticed if your friends don’t help?

[9:53:41 PM] Clint Pereira: I don’t know. I’m really having trouble wrapping my brain around this one.

Tuesday Review

San Diego Comic-Con International 2014

I have been absent from Tumblr for the past few days, not even posting one thing, but that’s only because I’ve been to Comic-Con! It’s my first time attending and it wouldn’t have even happened without my lovely animator girlfriend, Fable. This is my first time reviewing an event rather than a piece of media. Keep in mind I’m just highlighting some of the stuff I did and enjoyed. This is the biggest comic convention in the world, after all.

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Mini Comics for Sale


Hey folks! I’m offering the remainder of my mini-comic prints for sale online. You can get a black and white or a color copy of Umbagog’s demo comic for your very own!
It’s approximately 6.5 inches by 4.5 inches on glossy nice paper.
Color will be $5 US. Black and white is $3 US. Both…

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Tuesday Review

Jellyfish Princess (TV, anime)

I’ve been watching a lot of anime lately. Sorry… (not sorry)

My affection for anime usually runs more along the lines of action and drama, though. “Slice of life” is the closest I get to watching something truly adorable or “kawaii” as the kids say. Jellyfish Princess is probably one of the cutest anime I’ve seen in a long time. And against all reason and stubbornness on my part, I enjoyed it enough to watch the entire series (only 11 episodes) in a couple days.

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